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A description of Allwin Slot Machines, coin operated varieties, second hand multiple-column machines and drop case machines for experienced collectors.

What is an Allwin slot machine?

Antique Allwin slot machines, otherwise known as coin repeat wall machines, were the predecessors of modern pinball machines. At a basic level players place a coin in the slot, sit tight for a ball bearing to be release and do what they can to get it to land in the right receptacle with the help of a spring. The game appears relatively simple but it does require a little skill. Collectible multiple column Allwins like 'What's My Line' and 'Many Happy Returns' were harder to master because players had to ensure a column was filled to capacity before they could win any cash. With many drop case slot machines, like 'The Smithy' and 'The Cascade', ball bearings were removed and instead the actual coin slotted in by each player moved around the machine to deliver the cash in the payout channel. Other types of of Allwin slot machine include 'Playball', 'The Flyer', 'Lucky Star', 'Cresta Run', 'Lucky Circle' and 'Little Mickey', which were built by B.M.Co around 1930.

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