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How to interact with Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette is advertised as a free internet forum for internet users which was created in 2009 in Russia's capital Moscow. All that is required to join Chat Roulette is your PC having internet access and an Adobe Flash webcam, which lets you view other participants also on the website. The premise of Chat Roulette is simple, two screens appear on your computer showing you and the other member in the forum you are chatting to. When the discussion bores you, you click on the 'next' box and speak to another site visitor. Chat Roulette's popularity and infamy comes from the ability of the website forum to allow (sometimes inebriated) users to showcase their talents, often resulting in other users being surprised and shocked. Studies show that the majority of Chatroulette users are American and that 89% of Chat Roulette players are male.

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