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Online football betting is one of the largest growing sectors which have been built up over the past ten years, as supporters are able to place bets as the football match is being played. Whether you are at the stadium watching the game, in a pub or at home, thanks to the advent of the internet betting people can place a bet via their laptops and mobile phones. Betting throughout the game is a popular pastime for football punters as for different circumstances the odds can vary quite drastically depending on the patterns of betting, what the score is and how big the game is. Other than betting on the final score of the football game, betting enthusiasts are able to gamble on long term bets such as who will win in Europe's top leagues, continental cups or the Champions League, while the individual bets can be placed against the next manager to be sacked or who will win the top scorer award. Mainly because of football's enduring popularity and the increased presence of online gaming webpages, online football betting has never been easier to do.

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