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Layout of a roulette table

The layout of roulette tables differ depending on if you play American or European roulette - roulette will always however, be played with a roulette spinning wheel on an elongated table. Roulette games in Europe feature 37 digits rising from 0-36, and a gamer can bet by putting chips on a particular number. American games of roulette differ as the extra number '00' raises the odds of a gamer when playing American roulette rules. Inside bets are when chips are placed on any numbers which are found on the roulette table. Outside bets meanwhile can be placed in boxes on the edge of the numbers and can cover all odd numbered bets. These outside bets can cover any bets on low numbers up to 19, the ball landing on a black or red square, as well as the ball landing on an even number or a high number.

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