Roulette wheel etiquette - Las Vegas roulette

American roulette wheels - Roulette wheels in Europe

Learn more about roulette wheels and their differences.

Designs for American and European roulette wheels

Two different wheels can be used to play roulette - the American wheel and the European wheel. The key difference between both roulette wheels is that there are single and double zeros on the American roulette wheel, compared with the single zero European roulette wheel. Something else to consider is that if playing on an American roulette wheel the numbers are paired together across from each other. The European roulette wheel therefore is more favourable statistically to the gamer than the American roulette wheel. Although many have tried to beat the roulette wheel, such as trying to use laser scanning equipment to predict where the ball would land, there have been no successes away from the short term.

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