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It is safer playing Russian roulette on your PC.

The concerns with Russian roulette

Russian roulette is a form of chance which found fame in the former USSR before being depicted in western culture through films and cartoons. Revolving around one gun chamber which is loaded and one or more people firing a shot at their head. Russian roulette's first part of the name came from the theory that it came about because it was invented in the Russian provinces. The 'roulette' is based upon the bullet chamber being spun rapidly and similarly to a roulette wheel. In Hollywood, 'The Deer Hunter' utilises the shock value of Russian roulette during the second and third acts, whilst PC and internet games feature Russian roulette but which can only simulate the ending. Due to the very real risk of serious self harm, Access Online Casinos warn people against playing Russian roulette, even with an empty gun.

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