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Guidance on casino users can cheat slot machines using a selection of unique tricks.

Is it possible to cheat a slot machine?

Regular players of casino games, such as mini-baccara, blackjack, poker and roulette, definitely know that cheating occurs in plenty of gambling games. However, with casino slot machines, such as Cheese Caper and Jackpot Party, it's impossible to cheat unless you want to use multi-shaped coins or lodge open coin hoppers. All you can do is pull the lever (or click a button), hope the symbols match and wait for a payout. Having said that, there are certain tips you should follow, such as using bonus offers where internet casinos. This is when sites equip you with free money to use on the slots when you join the service. Generally you'll have to part with a little of your own cash before you receive the extra slot money but it's worth it if you play regularly. Check for fruit machine payout percentages that will determine the amount of cash you'll be left with if the images match and go for those that include at least a 90% rate. Only play on trustworthy sites and walk away once you've spent your final limit - don't play again if you're strapped for cash.

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