Vintage slot machine parts - Old coin operated machines

Repairing vintage slot machines - Slot machine sale guidance

Learn all there is to know about purchasing fruit machines, such as vintage models and antique options.

Types of slot machine for sale

Eager to buy a slot machine? There are a host of fruit machines available to buy on the net that can be used in arcades, casinos, pubs, snooker clubs or any kind of entertainment venue. Popular machines like Rainbow Riches, Cheese Caper, Lucky Landings and Jackpot Party tend to be favoured so opt to purchase these if you are uncertain about which is suitable. Some of the manufacturers include Barcrest, Maygay, Bell-Fruit and JPM so keep an eye out for these to ensure that you buy a machine that has been made by a trusted supplier. Better yet, you'll be able to obtain the matching slot machine guide, highlighting what steps to take if the fruit machine parts need changing or mending. Play a game before you buy anything - if you like it then others will too.

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