Online internet betting - Betting odds for football

Glorious Goodwood betting - Compare sports betting odds

A beginner's guide to sporting bets for golf, football and racing.

How are sports betting odds determined?

Betting shops work out betting odds in sport to give gamblers an idea of what might happen in the sports world. The rates offered are comparable to the most likely outcome occurring, so a lower payout will ensue if for example the higher ranked player or team wins against the underdog. A sporting competitor with long odds is seen as less likely to emerge victorious, so if a gambler stacks money on longer odds the punter will earn more money if they win their bet. The appeal of sports betting is that a punter can gamble on anything, from the final score a golfer posts through to the half-time and full-time football scores during the game. By taking time to study the odds, a gambler can find what odds are the best around online for the sports event they wish to bet on.

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