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What is video poker?

Popular with players of all ages, video poker is a key casino game based on the well known 5 card poker format. Like traditional poker, players are handed cards which they can keep or discard as they see fit but unlike traditional poker, video poker is 100% virtual - rather than facing their opponents in person, players use a machine which is similar in size to a slot machine. Some machines can hand out big money, while others hand out smaller bonuses. There are lots of varieties of video poker - these include 'Deuces Wild', multi-play poker and 'All American Poker'. Just like popular casino poker, players often risk large sums of money on the off chance they can beat their competitors.

Key video poker sites

There are many great video poker sites online that can offer you a range of experiences every time you play. One of the key sites you can find is Video Poker City. This site has a good community and payment is completely safe. Additionally, there is a amazing variety of games so you'll never run out of things to do. On the other hand, if this site isn't really your thing why not try 888 Poker ? This site is the ideal choice for both beginners and accomplished players alike. So if you want to get into the exciting world of online video poker why not visit these sites today?

Great advice for playing online poker

Playing online video poker is a fantastic way to meet new people and win some cash. However, there are a few vital points that you'll need to remember when playing. Firstly it is essential that you set a spending limit. As this will make sure that you don't lose too much cash and end up playing for too long. Give yourself a reasonable limit and stay to it. Always ensure that you are using a a legitimate site like Ladbrokes - this way you will know your money is safe. Finally, remember that it's just a game and just have fun!

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