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World Series of Poker facts

World Series of Poker is an annual series of events which are participated in by poker players in Las Vegas. Created by Benny Binion, the casino proprietor, the World Series of Poker tournament began in the 1970s and contains 58 individual card games with Texas Hold 'em being the gamers favourite. One of the most lucrative gaming tournaments on the planet, the winning player takes home a substantial cash prize and a bracelet. Only two players, Johnny Moss and Stu Ungar have succeeded in winning the World Series of Poker event three times, whilst Moss, Ungar, Doyle Bronson and Johnny Chan have won two years in a row. The player who has been most successful in the World Series of Poker is Phil Hellmuth, a native of Wisconsin, who has emerged victorious with 11 World Series of Poker bracelets. In 2010 Jonathan Duhamel won the World Series of Poker, the first time a Canadian has won the championship.

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